The latest news from the magician Sylvain Juzan

Berlitz Language Luxembourg School asks professional magician Sylvain Juzan to perform at their Kids & Teens Summer Camps.


The Berlitz Language Luxembourg School delivers language training for adults and teens, offering group classes as well as private lessons for corporations or private parties at any skill level.   I have worked with Berlitz on several occasions, doing corporate parties and their dedicated Kids & Teens summer camps. 

The idea is a simple one - teens spend a few immersive days in a youth hostel of Luxembourg participating in activities such as horseback riding, theater, sports, etc., to improve their chosen language.   Learning by playing and by having fun is the rule. This year I will spend time with two Berlitz youth groups in the French learning camp on the  22nd of July and the 15th of August.


This is the third or fouth time that Berlitz and I have been able to do this Magic workshop and I sincerely thank them for the opportunity! It is a real pleasure to spend a couple of hours with the teens, do a full close-up show, and then teach them a few effects.  But the kids fool me too!  Each year I am amazed at the speed with which they memorize specific card magic terminology while French is a foreign language for them!

You will find all the necessary info on Berlitz Luxembourb website :  Berlitz Kids & Teens