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Is this Card Magic or Cardistry ?


I perform Card Magic as well as Cardistry, even though when working professionaly I never go too deep in Cardistry. But as I am often asked what the differences and similarities bewteen these two "arts" are, let me be more specific here !

Five-packet display, a classic in Cardistry

Card magic is a performance art that involves the use of sleight of hand techniques and other props to create illusions. The primary goal of card magic, as well as close-up magic in general, is to entertain audiences by creating an illusion that seems impossible to achieve. Some common card magic effects include the "Ambitious Card", "Three Card Monte" or "Card Through Window."

Card magicians spend years mastering the art of sleight of hand and other techniques that allow us to perform our effects flawlessly. I started back in 1998, so we are definitely talking about years ... We also need to have a good stage presence and an understanding of how to engage and entertain our audience. Unlike cardistry, card magic is more about the performance than the visual aesthetic of the cards themselves. 

Cardistry, on the other hand (ah ah ...), is a performance art that focuses on the visual manipulation of playing cards. Cardists use various techniques such as cuts, shuffles, fans, and spins to create intricate patterns and designs with a deck of cards. The goal of cardistry is to create a visually stunning display of card manipulation that is both creative and aesthetically pleasing.

Cardists often use custom decks of cards that are specifically designed for cardistry, with unique designs and features that enhance the visual impact of their performances. Cardistry has become increasingly popular in recent years, with a growing community of enthusiasts and performers around the world.

In conclusion, card magic and cardistry are two distinct art forms that use playing cards as their primary medium. While card magic is focused on creating illusions and entertaining audiences with tricks, cardistry is all about the visual manipulation of cards in a creative and aesthetically pleasing way. Whether you're a fan of card magic, cardistry, or both, there's no denying the skill and creativity required to master these art forms.