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It's not Magic, it's Cardistry !!! And I love it.


The 2019 edition of the yearly Cardistry Con was held in Portland, Oregon, last week. Although I could not make it to the USA this time; I will do my best to be there and join the fun next year. In the meantime let me first explain and demonstrate what Cardistry is. 

Sylvain Juzan Luxembourg Magician

Cardistry is the art of performing fancy and eye-pleasing flourishes with playing cards. You could see it as juggling with cards if you want. The term itself is the contraction of the words "Card" and "Atristry". The cards are not used to play any card games or to perform any magic tricks (never perform magic at a Cardistry convention !!!). 

The most common flourishes are springs, fans, displays, cuts, spreads or throws. See the short video below where I focus on two-handed fancy cuts : 

The decks cardists use are usually designed specifically for the art of flourishes. The back designs are quite elaborate so that the spreads or fans are as beautiful as possible; some backs are even made in a way that several motifs appear depending on the orientation you fan the cards. 

Since 2015 the incredibly talented Buck twins, Dan and Dave, have been organizing the Cardistry Con. This gathering of cardists from all over the world includes competitions (one on one battles), teachings, and of course tons of fun. Dan and Dave became Cardistry experts thanks to their flawless technique where fluidity and apparent ease enable them to perform some of the most difficult moves ever. 

See you in 2020 !