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Keep Calm & Call Brad ... Again !


A few weeks ago I created an effect called The Brad Trick and put it online (you can check it here : The Brad Trick) as a tribute to my good friends from Australia Brad and his lovely wife Julie. Since then, I have had several ideas coming to my brain and have tried to come up with a logical, and magical, second part. Well, here it is !

This card effect is a very direct one:

_ a card is selected and then signed, to prevent the use of duplicates;

_ the cards are thoroughly mixed and, most importantly : the deck is given a complete cut by one of the audience members and we shall take the cards from the exact position where the cut has just been made;

_ once the cut is done I do not touch the cards anymore. The deck is given to a volunteer and he is the only one manipulating the cards;

_ then we spell some very personal information about Brad: his nationality ("A.U.S.T.R.A.L.I.A.N"), his complete name ("B.R.A.D.G.O.L.D.") and we end up with a regular Australian Deal.  The Australian Deal, also sometimes referred to as the Australian Shuffle, is a way to deal the cards one at a time, named after Australia's nickname the "Down Under Country": cards are taken one by one, from the top of the deck, and are alternatively placed on the table (down), then on bottom of the deck (under), on the table, on bottom, and so on, until we are left with just one card. This can be used both as a shuffle or as a production. 

Once more let me dedicate this effect to my good friends Brad and his lovely wife Julie, as well as the other bikers who were with us during our unforgetable 5.000 kms motorcycle trip last summer, trip where the very first Brad Trick was created. I sincerely hope to see you soon on the road guys !

The video :