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Keep Calm & Call Brad - The Brad Trick !


I met Brad while in the USA this summer. We were quite a large group of 24 bikers and spent almost three weeks riding Harley Davidsons through five US states and two Canadian provinces. We would ride al day, arriving at a hotel each night where we all gathered for dinners and drinks. What a great, great trip !

One night (to be more precise, on the very first night in Colorado after almost two weeks of riding), we were all sitting comfortably outside in a great patio overlooking a stunning rock view, when Tony asked us, "Don't you think this would be a good time for a magic show"? Roger that! I grabbed my cards and performed for them. We had lots of fun and then I let Brad perform the final trick for the night. Since then, we often mention "The Brad Trick" to each other so I decided to record the effect in a live setting to share with others.

The Brad Trick is one of the most direct effects you can imagine with a deck of cards. One spectator thinks of a card, and Brad uses his intuition to find it. But there are strict rules to follow:

_ cards are to be thoroughly mixed before and after the selection is done;

_ the spectator thinking of a card has a free choice;

_ Brad would only see the backs of the cards and the deck is not marked;

_ I do not touch the cards;

_ and most important: Brad has no idea what he is doing!

This trick is dedicated to my fellow rider friends as a memory of such an incredible trip. I hope to see you soon guys !