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Looking back at 2020, and most importantly : happy new year to all of you !


A new year starts and another ends (at last!), so it is time to step back, reflect on what was accomplished in 2020, and try to anticipate 2021 !

Of course it won't surprise you to hear that the event industry has been hit badly by this global health crisis. The lockdowns and restrictions which are still in effect today made it difficult to work as expected last year. This humourous image I found on the Internet pretty well illustrates to me (with exaggeration, of course) the global feeling at the end of 2020 : 

Ok, but let's stop with self-pity and focus on some great things accomplished last year. First of all, 2020 was the year I made it to the Penn & Teller Fool Us TV show, which is a big deal for me ! I had to stay in Las Vegas for two weeks, which could have been worse ... The first week was in January, attending the Society of American Magicians (SAM) annual convention where P&T "FoolUs" producers were casting artists. I returned to Las Vegas for another week in Marchfor the rehearsals and tapings. The SAM convention in January was the occasion to see incredible magic acts and to meet with old friends again. I had the opportunity to perform on the Golden Nugget stage which was an incredible experience! Two months later the entire P&T crew made my Las Vegas experience unforgettable. 


I realized later I was lucky to make it safely back to Luxembourg as Las Vegas hotels and casinos closed the very same day I departed :