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Luxembourg’s pro magician Sylvain Juzan launches new website!


My team has been working on this website project for a few months and here it is! My new internet website is fully operational today!

We tried to make your navigation easier than in the previous version. The design and general layout of the website have been modified to offer you a more intuitive and quicker surfing experience. Here you will find information about my magician services in and around Luxembourg; endorsements from numerous companies who enjoy and trust me; feedback from audience members as left in my on-line “Guest Book”; the many types of events I entertain at; explanations of what exactly close-up magic and mentalism are; as well as numerous videos and pictures from past performances.

Sylvain Juzan, magician in Luxembourg - Luxembourg’s pro magician Sylvain Juzan launches new website!

My most sincere thanks go to the Humaneco company (and to be more specific to Mathieu!) for his great work and his outstanding zen-master patience for explaining the same basic internet concepts to me twelve times in a row.

I would also like to take this opportunity to fill you in on some of my activities from earlier this year. I attended the London Session in January, the terrific Blackpool Convention in February and was fortunate enough to see the 151st, and very last, Arturo Brachetti show in Biarritz in May.

Going forward, I will post updates more frequently… I swear!

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