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Magician Sylvain Juzan is awarded 2nd Prize at the Daytona Beach Festival of Magic (FL)


This year I had the opportunity to attend the 18th annual Daytona Beach International Festival of Magic this past week end and was awarded second prize in the close up contest !

During the two day magic conference, participants attended a number of lectures and several magic shows including a close-up show and two gala stage shows. The headliners for the conference included Jeff McBride, Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin and Dirk Losander among others. You may not be familiar with their names, but witnessing their work was a real pleasure. They gave us fascinating lectures and outstanding performances. 

magicien au Luxembourg Sylvain Juzan, close up et mentalisme

I decided to compete in the close-up competition this year. Competitors were given eight minutes to fool three judges who would evaluate our technical skills as well as our appearance, originality and entertainment value. I had lots of fun performing my new act based on pure card manipulation and sleights of hand, ending on a surprise finish that no one saw coming! The judges awarded me second prize for my efforts.