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New John Bannon DVD; yours truly playing the spectator !


Dealing With It volume II was recently released and I was fortunate enough to be the spectator for John Bannon on 3 effects !

I have been a huge fan of John Bannon since I started magic back in 1998. I must have read his two "cult" books, Impossibilia (1990) and Smoke and Mirrors (1992), countless times. And it feels so weird to think that when these two great books were published I was still learning to write and had never been handling cards ... 

In this second opus of the Dealing With It series, John takes us through 6 effects he previously published in his monthly column for Genii Magazine. If you have never heard about it, Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine was created in the 1930s. A new issue is released every month and everything is now managed by Richard Kaufmann. John wrote for Genii for several years and in this DVD he shares with us effects he published in 2018. 

John has made himself famous by constantly trying to simplify effects and procedures, by focusing on what really matters without neglecting methods or esthetics. Once again here, the 6 effects on this brillant DVD are pure Bannon style: devastating impacts, no complicated sleights (everything is within a beginner's reach), thought-of construction, and of course: without any tricked card or gimmick. 

I am not on all 6 effects (some lovely ladies are also helping lucky John !) but I am on three of them, and here are some previews : 

La GiaConda, a lovely Sandwich routine : 

Prophet Move III, which went straight to my performing repertoire ! 

Rockstars, or how to fool someone is less than a minute : 

On top of that John will teach you his DL and will show you a never-published bonus trick. If you add to this the professionnalism that the BigBlindMedia team devoted to this series (in the filming and editing), now you understand me when I tell you this DVD is a pure gem. Nothing less. So do not hesistate !