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On RTL "Live! Planet People" show ... Back to you the studios !


I was invited to join the TV show Live! Planet People yesterday on RTL, which is the main television channel in Luxembourg, broadcasting in Luxembourguish. 

Luxembourg Magician Sylvain Juzan - RTL

Luxembourg Magician Sylvain Juzan - RTL

It is a weekly TV show that describes itself as "Den Talkmagazin um Freidegowend, e flotte Mix aus aktuellen Themen an interessante Leit", which is Luxembourguish for " The Friday night talk-show, a great mix of current news and interesting people". Each week three guests are invited but due to Coronavirus health measures only one of them is allowed to come to the studio; the other twos are interviewed via Skype. That is how I could share the show (but not the stage!) with bookbinder Danie Köller and singer Jil Clesse. 

I have to express my gratitude to the entire crew who invited me. Thank you so much guys; it has been a real pleasure spending these few moments with you! I hope we can male it once more very soon. Villmools merci !