The latest news from the magician Sylvain Juzan

Professional magician in Luxembourg Sylvain Juzan just completed a new custom deck project with the US Playing Card Company.


Here are my new custom made Bicycle playing cards ! Printed by the US Playing Company (USPCC), then shipped from their Erlanger, Kentucky plant, the decks arrived in Luxembourg a few weeks ago ! 

Luxembourg Magician Sylvain Juzan Bicycle USPCC Cards

This is my second collaboration with the USPCC and I truly enjoy working with this playing card juggernaut.

The USPCC was created in 1867. Since then, their unique decks have attracted thousands of gamblers, avid collectors, casinos and of course, magicians. After completing our first custom deck project in 2011, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of  inquiries I received from Bicycle card collectors around the world and who were searching for one of my custom decks to get! I even received a request from a young lady in New York who was about to get married: her fiancĂ© was passionate about USPCC Bicycle cards and she had my decks on her wedding list ... both flattering and intimidating !

Luxembourg Magician Sylvain Juzan Bicycle USPCC Cards

My latest custom deck project tool several months to complete. I would like to thank the USPCC Custom team for their patience and dedication in answering my almost daily e-mails. I would also like to thank the talented artist who cut the shape of my head out of a simple sheet of paper. 

Above all, I want to express my gratitude to my dear friend François-Xavier (FX) Goby, who developed the final design. 

FX is a very talented, young (we are the same age so let's say he is young !), French filmmaker who has directed numerous short films, docummentaries and commercials. His film adaptation of Jack London's "To Build a Fire" is still touring film festivals all over the planet and has already won many awards including the Oscars qualifying Best Animation Grand Prize at the 2016 Rhode Island International Film Festival. 

In 2018 FX directed the first-ever Virtual Reality / 360-degree interactive Google Doodle project, "Back to the Moon". The Doodle, which celebrates the French movie pioneer and master illusionist George Melies, achived over 200 million views in just two days !

Yet FX still took time to work with me, remaining remarkably patient through my many changes. So my dear FX, a huge and sincere thank you to you ! To us, and to our Star, of course.