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Reviews of my magic book - So far, so good ! (part 1)


It has now been two months now since my first magic book was published and (some of) the reviews are in!

From Roma with Italian magician Alain Iannone : 

Sylvain Juzan - Luxembourg Magician - ECYT review 1

"What if you wanted to cool down in the shade of Northern Europe with a good book...

Today's pick is Every Card You Take, written and self-published by Sylvain Juzan.

This friendly and talented artist (and now also an author) from Luxembourg offers us an interesting series of "cartomagic" ideas among these pages. 

Back in the day our paths around the world had crossed but when Sylvain asked me to read his materials, I must admit, I was amazed by his meticulousness and accuracy.

15 effects are described and explained here in great details. With every effect, Sylvain provides notes and credits on the origin of ideas, techniques and contributions. You will note a pleasant correlation between Sylvain's passions for music and magic which you could already sense from the title. 

The book is not for everyone. It is not a "beginner" book. Some of the effects require strong card knowledge , but do not let this discourage you. On the contrary, Sylvain will invite you to deepen your study and perfect your technique in order to successfully perform the various techniques.

You can order this book directly from the author or from the best retailers around the world. I believe Flavio Desideri's La Porta Magica has some in stock.

Enjoy the reading and have fun practicing! "

The conclusion of Michael Close's Product Review (July) : 

Sylvain Juzan - Luxembourg Magician - ECYT review 1

"Sylvain's writing style is clear, and the text is accompanied with copious full-color photographs. You will certainly be able to learn these routines.

Bottom line: Card enthousiasts and those who enjoy experimenting with different interesting combinations of principles will certainly find much of value in Sylvain Juzan's Every Card You Take. It is an excellent first effort by someone I'm sure we'll be hearing more from in the future. " 

And of course thanks should also go to all the other magicians who helped me in this new adventure : 

Sylvain Juzan - Luxembourg Magician - ECYT review 1

Misdirections Magic Shop (San Fransisco) made it Favorite New Book of the Week, mid July. Thank you Joseph!

Sylvain Juzan - Luxembourg Magician - ECYT review 1

Jonathan Friedman, from the excellent Market Magic & Novelty Shop (Seattle)