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Reviews of my magic book - So far, so good ! (part 2)


I got lucky enough to have my book reviewed by several well-established magicians / reviewers. Before we start I should thank them for the time they took reading my book and making constructive criticisim ! Let's see in details : 

1. Magic Orthodoxy.

Bottom line : "Very easy to read - no complicated instructions. You could easily add two or three of these into your working routine.

2. Ekaterina Dobrokhotova

3. Magie Magazine (Germany)

Which is German for : 

"As a music lover, the title of this book makes me sit up and take notice: "Every Card You Take" could only have been thought up by a Police fan. We find confirmation of this in the introduction to this little book. Sylvain Juzan reports on the thorough misunderstanding this famous Police song has been subjected to since its release in 1983. "Every Breath You Take" established itself as a perennial favourite at weddings even to this day. Yet the lyrics bristle with mistrust and jealousy after a couple's break-up. Juzan transfers this ambivalence to his card routines: they appear relaxed, light, and entertaining and conceal diabolical (trick) secrets that the audience never notices. The first is a triumph effect, which goes back to an idea by Nick Trost. Although two halves of the deck are mixed together face up and face down, at the end there are only five spectator cards face up. Juzan combines various methods using a mathematical principle.

He describes some of the card tricks in two versions: first with gimmick cards, then impromptu. Bernard Bilis contributes an ingenious technique that is published here for the first time: it allows one to steal a card surreptitiously from the centre when returning the pack to the box. Two practical examples follow. The 15 card routines make reference to the greats of card art and offer applications, for example, for the Rainbow Deck, Marlo's Convincing Control, Juan Tamariz's Neither Blind Nor Stupid (here with four instead of two sepctator cards) and for Faros in all varieties. Besides Police, Juzan pays tribute to other heroes of pop and rock history. The names of the audience members change from Paul, John, George and Ringo to John, Roger, Brian, Freddi to Anni-Frid, Benny, Björn and Agnetha. Let the good cards roll!"

Positive: A book for friends of intensive card stuy.

Negative: Most of the trick descriptions are difficult to follow in the head; better to try them out directly with a pack of cards in hand!

Total : 80/100.