The latest news from the magician Sylvain Juzan

Reviews of the holidays : nice moments, magic shop burning down and great shows.


Holidays are almost done, time to review what happened this summer. 

1. Nice encounter with Pépito Elhorga, former French Team rugby player.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of moments with the incredible Pépito Elhorga, former right-wing back who played for the national French rugby team almost 20 times. He now runs the Otago clothes store in the historic center of lovely Bask city Bayonne. Among other things, Pépito played during the 2003 Rugby World Cup (where France ended up 4th) and won the 2004 Grand Chelem. Suffering many knee injuries he had to quit back in 2004 and now manages the Otago shop downtown Bayonne when he is not busy playing charity matches or commenting rugby games for TV. 

The Otago brand was created by one of Pépito's close friends and of course finds its inspiration in rugby. Clothes are well-made and of the highest quality standards. Shirts, tshirts, polos, jackets ... you will find whatever you need, and more ! Take a look at their website :   Otago

2. Magic Dream burning down, Paris. 

My favorite Magic shop Magic Dream was totally burnt down a couple of days ago. See for yourself : 

I discovered Magic Dream when I was living and working in Paris, back in 2003. My apartment was located only a couple blocks from their street. I owe them a lot. At that time I was becoming more and more serious about magic but did not know exactly how to do things the right way, which books to buy, which DVDs to buy, and so on. You can easily get lost ! Many magic shop employees would have just sold me "tricks" but JP (back then) and Damien did not. They took time to very patiently and carefully listen to me and eventually show me all the necessary books and videos that would allow me to reach my objectives. For sure I was not their most profitable customer but they know what it takes to be a serious magician : years. And they want to be sure their customers are happy ones. I think that is what has been their strength for years : to be able to understand what their visitors were looking for, to know their products and to be professional performers as well. 

All the best to you guys ! I hope you will deal with this disaster the best you can; I sincerely hope to see you soon again !

3. Some very nice magic shows, even in the summer !

As they have now been doing for years, the Berlitz Language School employees asked me to come this year again to animate a Magic workshop, mixing performing and teaching. Twice in the same week I had to deal with a group of approximately 20 youngsters who joined the Berlitz holiday camp to improve their French skills. I always enjoy working for Berlitz, this year is no exception. Thanks again ! 

I also was asked to perform at many corporate Summer Parties, which are some of my favourite events, both professional and relaxed at the same time. 

Now it's time to focus on September, with an already almost full agenda, many shows to come and a new project ... to be continued !