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Spotlight on the Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation.


The Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation recently hired me for their annual Summer Fest. I usually do not talk about my private / corporate shows, nor do I promote any of my customers, but I must confess the Kriibskrank Kanner has earned my highest respect and recommendation.

For almost thirty years, this association has been helping severely sick kids and their families. Specifically, 80% of the kids suffer from cancer while the remaining 20% have some other life-threatening disease. The Foundation supports approximately two hundred families and welcomes thirty new families each year.

Last Sunday the Foundation invited kids whose physical state enabled them to go outside and join the Summer Fest and see some magic. These were the kids in remission, kids who still suffer from sequels and the consequences of their previous illness or treatments, and of course their families. Families who have lost a child were also asked to join. And of course all of the Kriibskrank Kanner employees and volunteers were here ... and what a great job they did once again this year! Participants were treated to funny animations, open air games, inflatable structures, a strong man show, a cartoonist, wonderful singers and dancers, a hair dresser, face painters, a photo studio, a videoman, a photographer, clowns and, of course, yours truly! All of this around a huge buffet filled with food and drinks under the friendly eyes of the Foundation's mascot. If kids fight like lions, as the Kriibskrank Kanner motto says, their employees and volunteers work like ants to deliver an impressive collective and meticulous event one must admire.

As you can understand, this is a show I will long remember. So to all the brave kids and the supportive parents I met that day, and to all of those who could not attend and are still fighting for their lives right now, I say, “keep fighting”! Dear Florine, Archibald, Adriano, and Alexia, I look forward to seeing you and your parents again next year!

Watch the video here :