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Visiting a great magic shop in Santiago de Chile & helping John Bannon with his last video project.


These past weeks I had the opportunity to visit the great magic store "Enjoy the Magic" in Santiago, Chile, and I am thrilled to announce I make an appearance in John Bannon's just released video project (see below) !

I could not leave Chile without paying a visit to Enjoy The Magic, a cool magic shop in the very center of the Providencia district. I fully enjoyed my visit and had a very interesting chat with two clever and gifted employees / magicians who made a great impression on me ... so great that I went there the next day too !

Sylvain Juzan - Luxembourg Magician - Chile Store

Sylvain Juzan - Luxembourg Magician - Chile Store

DVDs, tricks, magic sets, decks of cards, cups & balls, books, magic for kids and adults, with new items as well as the classics, Enjoy The Magic offers everything a good magic store should at affordable price. But most importantly, Ricardo and Rodrigo know what they are talking about and they talk about it with passion ! I have seen so many sellers pretend to be magicians while demonstrating inferior products (usually quite poorly). None of that here ! Ricardo and Rodrigo are true magicians. You can sense their hobbies and jobs match perfectly. Both took time to chat with me in great English (which is hard to find in Chile) and I had a wonderful time. Although the store is not large, the merchandise is high caliber - they do not waste space with crappy stuff. So if you happen to be in Chile be sure to pay them a visit; the exact location is : 

Av. Providencia 2594 Local 524

Galeria Piramide del Sol

Providencia - Santiago de Chile

And as we are talking about high caliber magic material, please let me introduce you to the very latest John Bannon DVD project, as I am on it !

Sylvain Juzan - Luxembourg Magician - John Bannon

John is a Chicago based magician, widely regarded as a true master of cards thanks to a unique style and approach where (apparent) simplicity and devious subtelties are more important than pure technical manipulations and sleight of hands. Although John still works full time as an attorney in Chicago he fools laymen and magicians alike and is far more talented than the vast majority of full time magicians. Where most magicians only focus on effect and method, John also keeps in mind a global picture of the illusions he is working on. He dives deep into the thinking process and covers aspects such as conextualisation, presentation, construction and impact. As his attorney job does not allow him much free time, you can be assured when John takes time to publish something it is A material !

John and I met a few years ago. l am honored and flattered that I could help him on this project. Here is a quick trick he did, hope you enjoy it ! :