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With a little help from my (talented) friends : Jacques Schneider, artist


If there is one brain in Luxembourg that never sleeps, without a doubt it belongs to my friend Jacques Schneider !

Jacques and I met approximately ten years ago, and modest as he was, he simply introduced himself as a « photographer ». While his photography has made Jacques famous worldwide, focusing only on this would be way too simplistic. Jacques is a real jack-of-all-trades ! The two pillars of his work are photography and painting, which he cleverly and uniquely combines in his creations. But that is not all. He also launched a highly original clothing collection several years ago which has grown into a huge success ! 

I think very few peoples love Luxemburg and its history more than Jacques does, and it is a place where he regularly finds inspiration for his works. I am sure you have already seen his famous flag “De Lëtzebuerg Fändel”, one of his most iconic pieces made from thousands of individual portraits which was displayed in over 160 locations throughout the country. Always ready to celebrate Luxemburg and the Great Duchy Family, Jacques also keeps abreast of hot topics in international news as another source of inspiration for him : space conquest, breast cancer, farmers, and so on. When Grand Duc Jean passed away a few months ago, all of the shops and restaurants in Luxembourg City paid him a great tribute by displaying Jacques’ portrait of Jean for many days. 

Recently, the Findel airport displayed Jacques' “Eng Grouss Famill”, a 6 by 6 meter square of cloth picturing Grand Ducal couple among thousands of strangers. Jacques created this work using the thousands of portraits submitted to him and his unique genius. 

Although Jacques frequently travels the world, you are still likely to see him at his ”Kritzel Fabrik”, which is less a traditional art  gallery than a real friendly place where people come to talk and share. Push open that door, you won’t regret it! You may even recognize some of the settings wich we used in several of my recent magic videos … thanks again,  Jacques !

Kritzel Fabrik, 3 rue Origer, 2269 Luxembourg Ville, from 2pm to 6pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays.