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With a little help from my (talented) friends: Nelson Coelho, videographer.


Nelson and I met approximately ten years ago, back in 2010, right after Nelson left Portugal for Luxembourg. Back then he was working for another company and did not know a single word in French. Ten years later, as he just turns 33, Nelson continually delights and surprises me: he has created his own video company, speaks French fluently and above all he has succeeded in being recognized, both in Luxembourg and abroad, as a highly talented videographer.

While most of the so-called professional cameramen would just record moments at your wedding or event and do a bit of editing, combining scenes together on an indifferent song, Nelson will capture your emotions. His true artistic sensitivity and his high technical knowledge make his videos outstanding: not only are the films flawless from a technical point of view (editing, cutting, sound, music...) but they truly are made to move you. Maybe you will think that I am exaggerating, so instead of keeping writing long sentences I will ask you to please watch the following video:


If couples from various places (Spain, USA, Italy, Mexico, Portugal...) ask for him, professional videographers are also seduced by his creativity and it is no surprise then that Nelson has received so many international awards from his peers. Check out his award list on his website, this is impressive! Also, for a few years now, he has been frequently hired as an instructor, conducting technical workshops reserved for professionnals. 

So, if you are looking for a skilled videographer and, equally important: one of the nicest and most humble guys you could imagine, look no further!

His website:  Nelson Coelho Films