The latest news from the magician Sylvain Juzan

With a little help from my (talented) friends: Vincent Flamion, photographer.


Vincent and I met approximately ten years ago. Since then I have always enjoyed working with him on various events and I have had lots of fun posing in his Luxembourg studio on a couple of occasions. 

Sylvain Juzan magicien au Luxembourg - Portrait Flamion

Sylvain Juzan magicien au Luxembourg - Portrait Flamion

One must really admire his work and talent. Vincent's portraits and wedding reportages truly convey life and emotions. He is highly sought after by corporate customers (business portraits in his studio or at your office, company reportages) as well as private sessions (weddings of course, but also family portraits and all kinds of private events.) Vincent is able to deliver high quality photographs which capture spontaneity. It may sound paradoxical - one could even say : magical ! - but Vincent is able to make your pictures and portrait look completely natural even though he poses you ! If that is not magic, I don't know what is.

With so much talent it is little surprise that Vincent is the recipient of a "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" award. Technically speaking, you are not awarded an MOF prize, you earn it. This is not a simple prize but a tough exam with very high quality standards. 

2019 is also going to be a very special year for Vincent as his company was founded exactly 100 years ago by his grandfather in Mont Saint Martin, France. Vincent's father, who by the way also won the MOF prize, took over the business a few decades later, and then came Vincent. One hundred years of technological evolutions and market adaptations that have made the company what it is today - one of the best in Luxembourg !

So happy birthday maestro ! You bring the candles, I bring the cards !